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TrueAm - Smart Battery Isolator

TrueAm - Smart Battery Isolator

SKU: IP-DS14012.913.4


  NOW features PEP® making it the most efficient isolator on the market.

1. 12V,140A
2. Designed for multiple battery systems
3. Suitable for all types of 12V charging systems
4. Works will all types of batteries except Lithium
5. Provides ignition surge protection
6. Unique design provides simple installation



1. When the engine is running and the charging source raises the voltage of  the start battery to 13.4 volts* (cut in threshold), the True Smart Battery Isolator (SBI) engages and connects the two batteries to charge simultaneously.   The SBI’s internal LED will glow blue.

2. When all voltage sources drop below 12.9 volts* (cut out threshold) the Smart Battery Isolator will disengage and the blue LED will go out.

3. When the SBI LED is out the batteries are separated thus preventing the power of your start battery from being drained by use of the accessories powered from the second battery.

4. When the vehicle is restarted and the start battery has recharged to 13.4 volts* the Smart Battery Isolator engages, the LED will illuminate and the second battery is connected to receive charging.

*The True Smart Battery Isolator is programmed with a 10 second delay before engaging or disengaging.

Electronic Specifications:
Rating Voltage: 12V
Continuous Current: 140 Amp
Intermittent Current: 170 Amp
Cut in voltage: 13.4 V*
Cut out voltage: 12.9 V*
Ignition Protection: UL1107/UL1500

LED Indications:

On: Isolator engaged
Off: Isolator disengaged

2.7(L) x 2.7(W) x 1.95(H) inches

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