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Unlimited Desert Racer

Unlimited Desert Racer

SKU: 85086-4

The Unlimited Desert Racer combines Pro Scale® performance with extreme 6s power for the most thrilling RC driving experience possible. The UDR® drives like a real desert truck because it’s engineered like a real desert truck. A 4-link solid rear axle provides huge suspension travel with authentic driving dynamics. From the cantilever sway bars and high-voltage lighting system to the GTR shocks, Traxxas accurately reproduced a true desert racer in both form and function. 



"Add Batteries & Charger" Includes: #2972 EZ-Peak Live Dual iD Charger (1) and #2872X 5000mAh 11.1V 3-cell 25C LiPo iD Batteries (2)

Body Color
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